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On August 27 and 28, 2013, Bujumbura held the first edition of the Tanganyika International Forum on a current theme "Regional integration and green economy in Central East Africa". A theme that speaks fully to Brussels Airlines, partner of the event. For some years, the airline has wanted to operate in Africa in a sustainable way. Just a commitment? Maybe not: health, education, fight against poverty, assistance to children, emancipation of girls. The company is multiplying social initiatives on the continent and has decided to carry hope.

With its presence during FIT2013 in Bujumbura to talk about economic projects and sustainable development, Brussels Airlines wants to remind people that we must believe in Africa, in its potential, in its economic promises. And the airline knows what it's talking about. Based on more than 80 years of aeronautical activity, the Company has been present in Africa since the 1960s with Sabena, which already symbolized the opening of Africa to the outside world. A philosophy cultivated and extended today by Brussels Airlines. In 2013, the Belgian national carrier served most capitals and cities on the African continent

Clear business choices that reveal, if need be, that Brussels Airlines has always focused on Africa, increasing its activity on the continent even as other companies withdrew. And the Belgian company was right! The African economic boom is now attracting newcomers to the continent, both in the aviation sector and elsewhere. Western or Asian companies clearly attracted by what could become, in a few years, the "African miracle". But the fact is there: few companies know Africa as well as Africans as Brussels Airlines.

That's why this economic commitment of more than 50 years does not stop there and also goes through an active response that the Belgian Company has decided to provide for the needs of a continent that has given much and vice versa. Because "to give is to receive", according to the motto of Health, education, access to water, the fight against poverty and the emancipation of girls. Brussels Airlines has decided to give hope to the poor.

As a specialist for Africa, the company is in regular contact with communities as well as needy people A clear ambition is displayed: to take responsibility and create value for the local African society. b.Foundation supports several social and humanitarian projects. These are all valuable initiatives for the most vulnerable and with high social added value. An example? A project called "Chain of Hope" is dedicated, with the support of Brussels Airlines to surgical operations for children, including those suffering from heart defects. The association sends volunteer doctors to different countries in Africa, and also supports children who cannot be treated in surgery in their country for lack of financial or technical means to take them by plane in Belgium. Currently, the organization plans to build a pediatric surgery center in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Other actions such as "Doctors without holidays - ArtsenZonderVakantie", allow doctors and nurses to volunteer during their holidays. These health professionals leave for short missions to Africa, where they directly treat patients and at the same time train their African doctor colleagues in the latest medical techniques. "Doctors without holidays - ArtsenZonderVakantie", intervenes in Congo, Rwanda, Burundi, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Tanzania and Zambia. Finally, several initiatives launched by Brussels Airlines staff collect and distribute equipment (clothing, toys, wheelchairs, food, etc.) to destinations that the company serves in Africa.

Modest actions but already sources of real hope for the populations who benefit. Africa needs it as it needs trade. Even if Brussels Airlines knows that more will have to be done. That's good, the company is not ready to leave the continent.



Bujumbura, FIT 2013

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