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Interviewed by Deo Hakizimana & Franck Minya Yom, CIRID

How can Geneva International promote peace and prosperity in Africa? What priorities for international solidarity towards this continent? The CIRID took its responsibilities and decided to find out more. Directly questioned on the issue, candidates in Sunday's elections responded to our questions. They are called Maudet, Salerno, Meierhofer or Apotheloz. They are candidates for the Council of State or the Grand Council. They come from different political families. Their recipes for strengthening Geneva's work for Africa are just as varied. Read instead.

Pierre MAUDET ,
Head of the Department of Security, State of Geneva
Candidate for the Council of State

Through its international solidarity policy, Geneva is already well represented in Africa. I intend to continue in this direction, with a policy that places itself in Geneva's humanitarian tradition and complements the action of international Geneva. I want more connections between our actions in favor of development in these regions and the cooperation to put in place in the field of migration "


Sandrine SALERNO ,
Former Mayor of Geneva, Administrative Advisor in charge of Finance and Housing, City of Geneva
Candidate to the Council of State

"At a time when many countries are decreasing the amounts allocated to international solidarity, we must intensify our efforts so that Geneva reaches the threshold of 0.7% of its budget dedicated to international cooperation ... It is also about supporting associations quality women from Geneva, working in partnership with African associations ... International cooperation must not be limited to a transfer of funds or technical expertise. "


Administrative Advisor, City of Vernier
Candidate for the Council of State

 "The new Government of Geneva will have the obligation to make every effort to ensure that international and non-governmental organizations do not choose to locate themselves because of the difficulties of finding housing or a significant cost of living. besides to my political and personal commitments "


Charlotte MEIERHOFER ,
Former Municipal Councilor, City of Geneva
Candidate for the Grand Council

 "From a perfectly practical point of view, I am going to campaign for the solidarity action of Geneva to move more and more towards the" small "associations that are active on the ground in Africa. Geneva are useful but we must also give more space to small and humane NGOs working closely with the needy populations. In health, education, microcredit, Geneva can benefit from their responsiveness and their local control of ground"


Sophie DUBUIS,
Director of the Geneva International Conference Center (CICG)
Candidate to the Council

"My role as director of the CICG is already leading me to a proactive activity in the field of international cooperation, and my political commitment represents a way to be able to support even more actively the major role of international Geneva under the leadership of the Confederation.