Interview of Sophie Dubuis: “Geneva must continue to support African countries and active associations to Africa.”

Interview by Deo Hakizimana, President of CIRID

As a candidate for the cantonal elections this autumn, what actions do you envisage for Geneva to contribute to the promotion of peace and development for Africa, especially in areas still in crisis (Maghreb, Great Lakes, Horn of Africa?)

Geneva's international cooperation policy is active to help promote development and peace in Africa.

Geneva must continue to support African countries and Swiss or African associations working for peace and development in crisis areas. This support is as much at the financial level as by constructive exchanges allowing the realization of quality projects in Africa.

Geneva must also ensure that it helps the Confederation to facilitate the establishment of Least Developed Countries (LDCs) or NGOs in Geneva, a place of historic humanitarian collaboration.

What place can the African diaspora, together with the Geneva and international civil society, have in this design?

The place of the African diaspora and of Geneva and international civil society is central. Projects and reflections on development and peace can only be successful through exchanges between people from diverse and positive backgrounds and with the desire to bring peace and a better quality of life.

 At the CICG, we focus on dialogue in a serene environment where everyone feels at ease, this is one of the keys to successful projects and negotiations that we have received so far.

Beyond, what can and should be the role of the Swiss Confederation in this context and how do you intend to contribute if you are elected?

The Swiss Confederation is at the origin of an open and strong foreign policy that allows Geneva to be a recognized center of international co-operation, with a welcome quality to maintain and even strengthen.

My position as director of the CICG is already leading me to a proactive activity in this area. My political commitment represents a way to be able to support even more actively the major role of international Geneva, under the high direction of the Confederation.